Monday, December 7, 2009

Fund-Raiser Poster (2006)

On the left is a poster-sized mocktail menu for a fund-raising event organized by a student group (of which I was staff adviser).  As my students knew I practised calligraphy, they asked if I would supply the handwriting for the menu — I was, of course, delighted to, and so wrote out all the menu items using a black calligraphy marker.  On the right is one such sheet of writing, which the group leader, Adrian Tan, scanned, cropped and rearranged to form the poster on the left. 

Who says students don’t give their tutors homework? :-)


  1. You're a "guai" (obedient hor... I don't mean strange. Haha~) tutor. =)

  2. The deadline was real tight ... I had to do it the very night they asked for it and e-mail it to the group leader!

  3. Wah... bad time management? tsk tsk tsk...