Thursday, December 3, 2009

Certificate (2007)

Here’s a certificate I wrote for an associate professor who was kind enough to give a talk to students on the use of humour in teaching.  The style is modified English Round Hand, popularly known as ‘Copperplate’.  I wrote this using a vintage (pre-WWII) Hunt 56 steel nib, and Talens gouache (silver and deep gold). 

Writing ‘Copperplate’ is a tactile experience — one has to know where to press the nib in order to get thick strokes and where to begin gradually easing off; and one needs to be gentle yet controlled on light, unpressed upstrokes.  With lots of practice this comes naturally — and it begins to feel like the rhythm of breathing.


  1. I like.. It's nice.. =D
    You're really good..
    & I'm really lousy at it.. haha!

  2. Well, I've practised for 23 years already -- so I ought to be even better!

  3. that's definitely true.. that's why I've to learn from u.. haha!!