Saturday, November 21, 2009

My 2008 Christmas Card

For my Christmas card last year I decided to take a group photograph of some of my writing instruments — so, trying their best to look cheerful are a Pelikan M600 and a Parker Frontier fountain pen, and several steel nibs, for instance vintage Hunt 22 and 56, Wm. Mitchell Copperplate pen.  The beautiful wooden penholder (top left) was a kind graduation gift from a calligrapher friend in Australia (a much better scribe than myself).  It has an adjustable flange, allowing it to take most nibs.

This was the brief message inside the card, written in Italic with a humble Zig Kuretake Calligraphy marker, and reduced.  I’ve learnt that almost everything looks better in reduction, and when colour-reversed (as above).

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