Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Lord's Prayer (2006)

This was written for a dear colleague, who was very ill with cancer and has since sadly passed away.  She had, in a dream, seen me writing out the Lord’s Prayer for her, in these very colours — which happen to be my favourite. She mentioned her dream to another colleague, and the latter and I decided to make it come true.  The style is modified English Round Hand (Copperplate).


  1. This is the most powerful prayer ever.. I wanted to ask if I could have a photo of it when I saw it in your office.. Especially when it is so well written.. But now that it is on your blog.. I can peek here all the time.. haha!!!

  2. I can send you a higher-resolution image if you wish!

  3. If it's possible, I'd love it.. =) You know my email.. =D